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Rehabilitation Counseling and Mental Health Counseling trains counselors to work with persons with disabilities, including those of a physical, mental, emotional or chemical nature. Instruction in the disciplines of rehabilitation counseling and mental health counseling emphasizes psychological, social, medical, and vocational aspects of disability, and also the development and refinement of personal adjustment counseling skills. Read more...

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iLead, Inspire, Network, Connect (iLINC) Student Association

Welcome to the Department of Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling! The iLINC Student Association works with the faculty to enhance the experience of students while in the program, help prepare them for life after graduation, and contribute to the Tampa Bay community.

iLINC Student Association membership is open to enrolled students at The University of South Florida. Joining is easy. Either contact any iLINC officer or simply come to a meeting. If you are unable to attend meetings, join our mailing list and participate on line. Your voice is important! Read more...