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Project Director/PI: Tammy Jorgensen-Smith, PhD

Assistant Director/Co-PI: Christina Dillahunt-Aspillaga, PhD

Investigator: Chih Chin Chou, PhD

RSA Scholar Program

Underlying Values

  • Facilitation of independence, integration, and inclusion of people with disabilities in employment and the community.
  • Belief in the dignity and worth of all people.
  • Commitment to a sense of equal justice based on a model of accommodation to provide and equalize the opportunities to participate in all rights and privileges available to all people; and a commitment to supporting persons with disabilities in advocacy activities to achieve this status and empower themselves.
  • Emphasis on the holistic nature of human function which is procedurally facilitated by the utilization of such techniques as:
    • interdisciplinary teamwork;
    • counseling to assist in maintaining a holistic perspective;
    • a commitment to considering individuals within the context of their family systems and communities.
  • Recognition of the importance of focusing on the assets of the person.
  • Commitment to models of service delivery that emphasize integrated, comprehensive services which are mutually planned by the consumer and the rehabilitation counselor.