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Pinkard, Calvin, PhD

  • Title: Associate Professor Emeritus

Dr. Calvin Pinkard, Jr. was the founding Chair of the Rehabilitation Counseling program at the University of South Florida, where he served as chairman for 30 years. 

Two early research initiatives stand out.  Dr. Pinkard was one of the faculty researchers who was involved with Institute III, the All-University Center for the Study of Exceptional Students and Adults, founded in 1965.  He was also successful in obtaining a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Post-Secondary Education, one of the first to recruit and train minorities to enter the Rehabilitation Counseling profession.

Active in a number of professional associations, Dr. Pinkard was the past president of the Florida Rehabilitation Counseling Association, and was twice the Chairman twice of the Florida Psychological Legislative Committee.  In addition to his many publications, Dr. Pinkard was principal investigator on 30 grants and gave 110 presentations over the course of career.

Upon his retirement, the Department honored Dr. Pinkard with a scholarship in his name.  The Calvin M. Pinkard Scholarship was established for graduate students who were pursuing a degree in Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling and who were involved in Community Service activities

Selected Publications

Pinkard, C., & Moon, J. R. (1986).  “Gerontological Mental Health Counseling I.”  In T.A. Rich (Ed.). Career Preparation: A Curriculum in Mental Health and Aging for Service Providers. Final Report.  Tampa, FL: University of South Florida, Department of Gerontology and the Center for Applied Gerontology.

Pinkard, C. M., & Gross, P. (1984). Modification of locus of control among Rehabilitation Counseling graduate-students. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 28(1), 39-45. 

Pinkard, C. M., Rasch, J. D., & McNiel, J. M. (1982). Counselor evaluations of Floridas vocational-rehabilitation program reorganization. Journal of Rehabilitation, 48(4), 60-63.