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Stern, Marilyn, Ph.D.

Stern, Marilyn, Ph.D.

Dr. Marilyn Stern’s primary professional focus in pediatric psychosocial oncology has been in adolescents with cancer, communication, and transition to survivorship; developing interventions to reduce childhood and adolescent obesity, and the vulnerable child syndrome. Her current work focuses on identifying those factors related to optimal development among children and adolescents transitioning off active cancer treatment, with the aim of developing interventions to optimize their adaptation to survivorship.

Prior to joining the Department, Dr. Stern played an integral role in the establishment of a multi-disciplinary clinical research program at the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Pediatrics targeting obese adolescents and their families.  In a 2014 article in the European Journal of Nutrition, Dr. Stern and colleagues address changes in body anthropometry and composition in obese adolescents participating in the T.E.E.N.S. lifestyle intervention program.  The Teaching, Encouragement, Exercise, Nutrition, and Support (T.E.E.N.S.) is an ongoing community-based adolescent weight management research program comprised of three components: (1) a structured nutrition education program, (2) supervised physical activity, and (3) behavioral support.  She is currently expanding this work in a multidisciplinary pilot project currently being implemented in the Pinellas school district, targeting 9th grade high school students.

She is also working on two related projects: 1) adapting an intervention that is effective with overweight/obese children for parents of pediatric cancer survivors who are overweight/obese and 2) examining strategies to improve adolescent cancer patient communication with their health care providers as they transition off active treatment.

In a 2013 article in Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, Dr. Stern and colleagues outline a five-phase pilot study to adapt a comprehensive parent psycho-educational intervention (NOURISH-T) to address the specific issues that contribute to overweight/obesity in pediatric cancer survivors.  A number of treatment factors, parenting behaviors, adjustment reactions, and patient behaviors were found that may be related to the children’s overweight/obesity status.  Results of the pilot study indicated parental interest in a group intervention that provides promotes healthy lifestyle behaviors and addresses overweight/obesity.  Parents also indicated a desire to have the intervention when the children were younger.  This pilot formed the basis of The NOURISH-T intervention (funded by NIH).

An elected Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Stern is also the principal or co-principal investigator on several National Institute of Health grants, including ‘Targeting Caregivers to Enhance Health Behaviors in Pediatric Cancer Survivors’ and ‘NOURISHing Families to Promote Healthy Eating and Exercise in Overweight Children’.  She is also a co-investigator on a USF Women’s Health Collaborative Grant, ‘A Pilot Study of Postpartum Weight Loss in Obese Women Using a Sleep Intervention in a Group.’

Selected Publications

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