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Emener, William G., PhD

Emener, William G., PhD

Dr. William Emener is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of the Department of Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling.  During his tenure at the Unviersity of South Florida, Dr. Emener served as Chair of the Department, and as Associate Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  A Fellow of the American Psychological Association, he allso served as President of the National Rehabiliation Administration Association (1983-1984) and the President of the National Council on Rehabilitation Education (1989-1990).

His areas of Specialization include: Personal Adjustment; Marriage and Family Issues; Adjustment to Disability; Addictions and Substance Abuse; Grief and Loss; Employee Assistance Programs; and, Wellness and Mental Health. 

Dr. Emener is the recipient of 65 Honors and Awards since 1959 (state, regional, national and international), including two national first-place research awards.  In addition to his professional and teaching repsonibilites, Dr. Emerner was the authour of over 100 research articles and 24 books.

Selected Publications

Emener, W.G. (2010). Living Life, Anyway, 2nd edition. Baltimore, MD: America House.

Lambos, W.A., & Emener, W.G. (2010). Cognitive and Neuroscientific Aspects of Human Love: A Guide for Therapists and Researchers. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science, Publisher. 

Emener, W.G., & Lambos, W.A. (2009). My Loving Relationships. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science, Publisher. Emener, W.G., & Lambos, W.A. (2009). Our Loving Relationship. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science, Publisher. 

Emener, W.G., Richard, M.A., & Bosworth, J.J. (2009). A Guidebook to Human Service Professions: Helping College Students Explore Opportunities in the Human Services Field. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas. 

Richard, M.A., Emener, W.G., & Hutchison, W.S. (2009). Employee Assistance Programs: Wellness/Enhancement Programming, 4th edition. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas.