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Kelley, Susan D., PhD, CRC, LMHC

Kelley, Susan D., PhD, CRC, LMHC

Dr. Susan Kelley was a former Director of Graduate Studies and Interim Vice-Chair of the Department of Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling.  In addition to her teaching and research assignments, she participated in two special administrative assignments in the Provost’s Office.  She was the Co-Chair of the Institutional and Strategic Planning Task Forces on Health Professions and the Principal Investigator, USF Allied Health Initiative. 

During her tenure at USF, Dr. Kelley was also active in disability policy work, providing analyses and consultation to advocacy organizations, professional associations, and service providers concerned with the disability perspective in state and national health care reform. She was a grant reviewer for NIDRR and the Rehabilitation Services Administration, as well as a Surveyor in Behavioral Healthcare for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Of her many activities within the Department, two showcase Dr. Kelley’s interests in intervention development and in the use of technology.  The first project was with colleagues in the College of Nursing on the provision and evaluation of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and other intensive therapies to veterans from the Global War on Terrorism and their caregivers.  The second project was the development of two teleconference training series for the National Clearing House of Rehabilitation.  The first series was on Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychopathology; the second series was on Medical Aspects of Disability.

Dr. Kelley was also the author of numerous publications spanning clinical treatment, rehabilitation, and training, including traumatology, psychopathology, medical aspects of disability, crisis intervention, and hospice.

She is also the recipient of a number of awards and honors.  She was twice voted Professor of the Year by the Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Student Association and was awarded a Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Award by the University.  At a state level, she was a Gubernatorial Appointee to the Florida Rehabilitation Council (1996-2000). At the national level, she was the recipient of a National Rehabilitation Association research award and of the New Career in Rehabilitation Education Award, National Council on Rehabilitation Education.   Dr. Kelley is listed in The National Distinguished Service Registry: Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation and in Who's Who Among Human Services Professionals.

Selected publications

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