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The University of South Florida (USF) is committed to fostering an institutional climate that is welcoming, inclusive, and safe for students, faculty, staff and visitors. USF endeavors to make academic excellence inclusive by sustaining a community of free inquiry in which people of diverse race, ethnicity, veteran status, marital status, socio-economic level, national origin, religious belief, physical ability, sexual orientation, age, class, political ideology, gender identity and expression participate in, contribute to, and benefit equally, from the academic community. USF endeavors to implement a university-wide, multi-faceted, comprehensive diversity program that will accomplish the following goals:

  1. Sustain diversity as a dynamic, on-going process that demonstrates appreciation for all individuals, including their differences
  2. Promote institutional policies, practices, and initiatives that support this process
  3. Maintain accountability regarding diversity at all levels and across programs
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of diversity practices for continuous improvement
  5. Encourage thoughtful and deliberate integration of diversity into everyday practice
  6. Prepare students for an increasingly pluralistic and democratic society
  7. Empower students to compete in the global marketplace

The Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling (RMHC) Program believes that the Program is enriched and value is added by incorporating diversity throughout the student and faculty population so that graduates are prepared to work with clients who represent a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs. The RMHC Program actively reaches out to academic programs that focus on minorities and disabilities to recruit students from these populations. Faculty members are encouraged and expected to foster relationships with leaders of diverse organizations to ensure community connections and learning opportunities, as well as recruitment opportunities. The RMHC Program prohibits discrimination based on race, color, marital status, sex, religion, national origin, disability, or age, as provided by law, in admissions of students or hiring of faculty and staff.

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