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Tracking Technologies Panel Presented at the Annual Meeting of the CLSA-Tech (Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Technology Workgroup)

Dr. William Kearns was invited to present his research at the April meeting of the CLSA-Tech (Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Technology Workgroup).  Dr. Kearns spoke on a novel adaptation of location aware telesurveillance technology he and colleagues developed that is capable of measuring small directional changes, rate of travel and duration of free movements over long durations.  Using the Ubisense ultra-wideband real-time location system and fractal mathematics, he determined that Fractal Dimension (Fractal D), is an independent predictor of future falls after past fall history is taken into account. 

These findings demonstrated that a pervasive dynamic quantitative assessment of the variability of everyday movements is an independent predictor of fall risk which, and when combined with other known risk factors for falls, can significantly improve the accuracy of fall prediction beyond that possible by other risk factors alone. Because of the large number of residents in most assisted living facilities and nursing homes, a system that provides continuous assessment of changes in path tortuosity before a fall may be a useful addition to the current procedures employed by facility administrators to predict fall risk.

For more information about this Dr. Kearns and his research, see his Departmental webpage or contact him at kearns@usf.edu.

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging, an initiative of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, was established to enable research that moves beyond a snapshot of the adult population to understand and observe the complex interplay between physical, social and psychological determinants of health over time.