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Aaron Norton, LMHC, Becomes Mentor for the National Board of Forensic Evaluators

Aaron Norton, LMHC, CAP, CRC, adjunct faculty in the Department of Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, is now a mentor for the National Board of Forensic Evaluators (NBFE).

One of the missions of the NBFE is to promote and serve the continuing education needs of mental health professionals. This is accomplished by educational seminars, workshops, publications, via a highly specialized team of trained forensic mental health professionals.  NBFE trains and certifies eligible licensed professional counselors to be certified forensic mental health evaluators by a rigorous process involving training, mentoring and a written and oral examination protocol.  

For more about Mr. Norton, see his Departmental webpage, practice website (, or his blog In Thought: Your source for wellness, tips, strategies, and news.

For more about the National Board of Forensic Evaluators (NBFE).