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Smart homes, RFID and wandering

Smart Homes book

Drs. William Kearns and James Fozard  recently published "Smart homes, RFID and wandering" in the Handbook of Smart Homes, Health Care and Well-being, a Springer International publication.  
There are a number of ways we describe the technology that allow us to 'age in place' and to maintain a good quality of life.  Whether it is a smart home, home automation, or ambient-assisted living, technological solutions abound, from sensor-based networks, components to communication protocols that are used in the design of smart homes.  Drs. Kearns and Fozard discuss the Smart Home currently in use at the James A. Veterans Administration Hospital in Tampa, Florida, and the lessons learned in the development of the House, as well as the implications for veterans and other individuals with disabilities to live fuller, richer lives. 

Kearns, W. D., & Fozard, J. L. (2015). Smart homes, RFID and wandering. In J. van Hoof, G. Demiris & E. J. M. Wouters (Eds.), Handbook of smart homes, health care and well-being. Geneva, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.   doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-01904-8_50-