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Predictors of Behavioural Health Service Use and Associated Expenditures: Individuals with TBI in Pinellas County

Nationally, over 5 million Americans are living with long-term disability following TBI and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximatley 2.5 million TBIs occur annually. In Florida, the rate of TBI in Florida (511.5/100 000) is higher than the national rate (504.8/100 000).  In PInellas County, over 10,000 individuals with TBI resided in Pinellas County. 
Drs. Tina  Dillahunt-Aspillaga, Marion Becker, and Tammy Jorgensen-Smith, with collaborators Diane Haynes, Sarah Ehlke, Melanie Sosinski, and Alison Austin examined predictors of behavioural service use, incarceration and associated expenditures for individuals with TBI.  Their study provides new information about predictors of behavioural health service use and Medicaid expenditures for Floridians with TBI.
Examining statewide and local administrative data sets to determine population demographic characteristics, criminal justice encounters, behavioral health services use and associated expenditures, they anlayzed average annual expenditures and use of mental health, substance abuse and criminal justice services over a 3-year period.  
Their research findings are consistent with prior research, indicating that persons with TBI are likely to experience difficulty accessing needed services due to financial and access barriers as well as not recognizing the the need for services, which contribute to unmet service needs. hence, those individuals who do not receive needed services are more likely to have lower quality of life, become homeless, reside in nursing homes or be incarcerated.
Dillahunt-Aspillaga, C., Becker, M., Haynes, D., Ehlke, S., Jorgensen-Smith, T., Sosinski, M., & Austin, A. (2015). Predictors of behavioural health service use and associated expenditures: Individuals with TBI in Pinellas County. Brain Injury, Advance online publication.  doi:10.3109/02699052.2014.1002005